Our staff

Ma. Teresa Gana (President-CEO) once envisioned a training school that will help the poor of Quezon City. She believed and embodied the I.Learn ideals turning hopeful students into competitive graduates and eventually successful employees and entrepreneurs. Her unwavering vision sets a path that cuts through the heart of the problem of poverty - education.

Jocelyn Garcia (Director for Operations) took her MA in Education after her BS Nursing. She's been a school administrator for 8 years before she became the core group that eventually started I.Learn Center. Aside from being the driving force of change and innovation at I.Learn, Ms. Josie is also known for her golden heart and quiet charm.

Melchor Waje (Director for Academics) has been a UP faculty for many years. A registered microbiologist, an experienced teacher, a well rounded IT enthusiast, a budding science researcher and entrepreneur, Sir Mel will get things done with his quiet efficiency above anyone's expectations.

Rev. Fr. Ben Beltran SVD (Chief Academics Officer) doesn't wait around for opportunities to come. He actively seeks funds and projects that give opportunities to others. With his outstanding work in education and helping the poor, Fr. Beltran has garnered national and international recognition. With his guidance, I.Learn will reach out to more Filipino students via e-learning and online training.

Staff profile

Gladys Raqueno, RN - Caregiver Program Coordinator
Linda Villagonza, LMT - Massage Therapy Program Coordinator
Joe Mary Ibanez - Call Center Coordinator
Rhea Legarda Diva, RN- Caregiver Instructor
Larry delos Reyes, RN- Caregiver Instructor
Antonio Cruz - Welding Program Instructor
Leda Ramos, PhD - Special Programs

The best professionals

With more than two thousand graduates, the I.Learn system continues to prove to be an effective medium to bridge the knowledge of unskilled people; allowing them to acquire the skills in simple but comprehensive modules that anybody can understand. We are proud to produce graduates who are trained in a culture of excellence, ready for whatever career path they may choose.