About admission

Registration requirements for the TESDA programs:

Age must be 18 yrs old and above
2 pcs 2x2 ID picture and 2 pcs 1x1 picture
Must be a resident of Quezon City (for the QC TESDA and BISTEK scholarships)
High School Diploma (or transcript / copy of grades)
Marriage Certificate (if married)


The first day of classes is traditionally conducted at I.Learn Center. Here, you get to meet the administration and the rest of the faculty. Feel at home at our school.

Lecture Classes

Lecture sessions of some programs like the Caregiving NC II and Massage Therapy NC II are conducted at our Sattelite Centers at various barangays and parishes in Quezon City. This setup is convenient to our sholars and frees them from daily transpostation expeenses.


I.Learn is equipped with adequate facilities and equipment for excellent training. Our Center doubls as a training area and as a TESDA accredited assessment Center.

On-The-Job Training

We labor to give all our graduates the best training possible. The best way to hone our skills is through actual practice. Among our training partners are tertiary hospitals, Lung Center of the Philippines, Sacred Heart, Heart of Mary Villa, Home for the Aged, various go