How we started

I.Learn Center was established in 2007 at the 2nd flr of Trans-Asia Bldg at Anonas cor. Aurora Blvd., Quezon City. At the start, I.Learn had TESDA accreditations for a couple of programs: Caregiving NC II, Finishing Course for Call Center, Medical Transcription, and Massage Therapy. Later on as more and more students asked for welding programs, I.Learn got certified for both the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).

Quality education need not be expensive.
At I.Learn Center, we labor to get sponsorships from various government and private institutions. 99.5% of our graduates are scholars, all with 100% tuition fee exemption, the others don't pay a single peso at all!

We are passionate about the courses we teach. No shortcuts. Period. We follow and most of the times exceed the TESDA regulations and requirements. We make sure that each I.Learn graduate is equipped with all the skills necessary to land good jobs and advance their career. Ask around and see how our graduates create impact on the people around them.



“ Going To My Interview Now.,,
" Pray For Me ♥ ;) .” ...
Thank you I.Learn Center ,..
You Helped us a lot......
Paula, Batch 30 Call Center

“I.Learn Center helped me unleash my will to do things, that is impossible before. I gained confidence and self-respect. Thanks a lot to our teahcers, our motivators for big changes....”

“I.Learn Center has one of the best training ground in terms of providing quality teaching in the call center program. I.Learn provides a very good foundation in changing people's lives, giving them opportunity on the outside world, as a firm and competitive person or individual...”

Our principles

Our goal is to extend our expertise in delivering in-demand training programs; with enhanced training modules delivered by expert educators in a well defined process covering every stage of competency to excel in the required industry skills. Furthermore, I.LEARN assists the graduates by endorsing them to our company partners and holding job fairs within and outside I.LEARN CENTER. We don't stop with just excellent training, for those are just tools you need to be competitive. What is more important is that we don't stop until you have gainful employment.